From the Sea of Galilee: Israel Travel Journal


Galilee was another special place we went in Israel. It was the second place we traveled to in Israel and we were able to see so many incredible places surrounding that area. This was the place where Jesus did the majority of his ministry. We got to see the place where he cast the demons out of the man and into the heard of pigs. We got to see the place where he began his ministry and where he called his disciples. We got to experience the culture and the food in that region.

It was an incredible experience! Most of the time we spent in this area was rainy. We had random storms pass through which was a bit difficult at first because I had expectations in my head of how the trip would go. It was hard at first to enjoy the places we were when there was a torrential downpour happening. I quickly realized that if I allowed the circumstances to rule, then I was going to miss out on the very thing God was showing me in this special place.

The pastor leading our trip encouraged us through teachings at each place we went and the phrase that stuck out to me the most was to live a gospel centered life. So often we live life with ourselves at the center but when we live a gospel centered life we live with Jesus and his mission at the center. This is something I already thought I was doing but as he continued to speak I realized I could do a better job of this. It definitely challenged me to live a more gospel centered life.

As we journeyed around this region, the most impactful spot was standing at the edge of the Sea of Galilee. As I stood there I thought about Peter stepping out of the boat and all that Jesus did in this region. I thought about the impact he made.

Here are the top 5 things I learned from Galilee:

  1. Don’t be afraid to step out of the boat

  2. When we live a gospel centered life we view life through the lens of the gospel vs ourselves

  3. Our circumstances shouldn’t determine our attitude, our attitude makes the best of our circumstances

  4. We need more awareness and concern for the hopeless

  5. God uses ordinary people to do the extraordinary