Israel Travel Journal: En Gedi

Ein Gedi, Israel

Ein Gedi, Israel

Ein Gedi was hands down one of my favorite places we traveled. It’s where David hid from Saul in the wilderness and where he wrote Psalm 63. It’s where 2 Chronicles 20:15-17 takes place where God fights the battle for them. It was next to the Dead Sea and although it was in the middle of the desert, it was gorgeous.

If I learned anything in this region, it was that wilderness can look many different ways. Wilderness can be completely dry and desolate like it was in Masada or it can have sprinkles of lushness through out like in Ein Gedi. It can vary so much depending on the season. And as I stood in the very place of King David, I related so much this hideaway.

I’ve walked through many different “wilderness” seasons in my life. However in the wilderness, God’s presence is always felt more than anywhere I’ve been because there are less distractions. I walk out of wilderness seasons better for the trial and closer than I was before to God.

In the wilderness is where the training and preparation happens. It’s where we withdraw from the busyness of life to hear from God. All throughout scripture we see miracles take place in the wilderness time after time. We see God’s provision like never before and are reminded that God’s always fighting for us! He’s always helping us be the best version of ourselves.

If you’re in the wilderness, keep holding onto God! He’s moving more than you know!