Courtney Wilson is a millennial writer with a passion for leading leaders, developing dreams in this generation and helping others live out their God-given purpose. She does marketing and advertising full time along with her side passion projects. You can usually find her with coffee in hand and turning everyday life into a grand adventure. She has a dream to make a difference in this world for Jesus one day at a time. 

She loves serving at her local church specifically with the college and women's areas of ministry. She has a heart for the millennial generation to help them discover their purpose and become all who God created them to be.  

She is the founder of The Trailblazer Journals, an online community dedicated to developing God-dreams. She is also the founder of the Little Creative Company, a small design agency dedicated to helping non-profits, Christian organizations, churches and dreamers develop their brand, websites and dreams.


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The Trailblazer Journals is an online community where we believe our generation is called to be trailblazers. Our goal is to encourage people to find their God-given purpose, live out their dreams, build their leadership skills and blaze the trail for God's kingdom. We believe real conversation and God are the keys to freedom. We are real people who are poised for purpose. We believe that life change happens in community when we get real with each other so bring a cup of coffee and let's sit down to chat about life together. Our hope is for this ministry to be a place where you can be authentic, grow with God, find your purpose and enjoy the little things in life (like a good cup of coffee).

A small design agency dedicated to helping non-profits, Christian Organizations, churches and dreamers develop their brand, website and helping them turn their dream into a reality.

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